The Perks of Installing Convex Mirror Technology

It’s a fact:  Over $13 billion worth of goods are stolen each year by shoplifters.  And this is just based on the reported cases.  There are more cases which are silence maybe because of lack of proofs and evidences.  It’s truly a pain that you can fight the right security system, however, installing CCTVs could be much expensive. Mirror products has various tutorials related to insight-security.

One should consider getting a convex mirror technology.  So, what is really a convex mirror? Let’s find out!

Convex Mirror Technology

A convex mirror is a spherical camera that allows for better visibility.  How it reflects the light in a divergent manner gives the true beauty of convex mirrors. 

The Shape Matters

The Spherical shape can cater to the various positions and placements.  Actually, there are various types of convex mirrors that could be installed in various establishments.  It comes in circular or rectangular shape and depends on the need of the area.

The circular mirror usually measures around 300-1000 mm sizes.  The rectangular shape on the other hand have rounded edge and are recommended to be placed in low-ceiling locations.  Usually, rectangular convex mirror measure at around 600 x 400 mm to 1200 x 800 mm sizes. 

There are also other safety mirrors that take a different design.  Examples of these are dome mirrors which is recommended in indoor area as it provides panoramic view of the location.

Clarity and Visibility

Materials used in curved mirrors can truly give out virtual images that are clear and visible.  Even on high or low temperature, the clarity is not affected.  They are also designed as scratch proof that ensures clear image.

Indoor and Outdoor uses

Convex mirror security systems come in two types: indoor and outdoor.  Not only are those inside your shops are protected and monitored but also the stuff outside such as parking area and garage.  Traffic mirrors are also installed outdoors to monitor traffic.